Latest DrawSpace Project: Board Games

Amys Game Board Brians Game Board Brians Game Pieces Eddies Game Board Seans Game Board

DrawSpace: Advanced Drawing Techniques and Special Projects

The Art of Imagination’s DrawSpace project is entering its second semester.  The advanced drawing class grew out of the earlier Amazing Invincible Super Comic Book Project! and continues to be led by local comic book artist and illustrator Tim Mayer.  Projects completed to date by the DrawSpace students include personal board games, giant paper mache heads, and group comic projects, among others.  The class also spent a few weeks practicing life drawing and basic sketching techniques.

The images pictured here include the game board and game pieces for Brian’s The Great Humiliate board game and the board for Amy’s game, Pizza Avengers.

Photojournalism Students Experiment with Bokeh

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStudents in The Art of Imagination’s Photojournalism program learn many different photographic techniques including the Japanese photographic quality of Bokeh (above) which is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens.  Selina McCormick, photojournalism instructor and local professional photographer, leads the program.  In addition to the above work students have experimented with macro photography, practiced focus manipulation, and have recently began training on the proper use of a DSLR professional camera.

To see more of Selina McCormick’s work, check out this link:

To see more of The Art of Imagination’s students’ photography, click here:

Summer Film Project 2014

Amy on the Set of Ninja Clowns of Clownville Leah on the Set of Ninja Clowns of Clownsville Vitaly and Jacob on the Set of Ninja Clowns of Clowsville

This summer (Jun. 2-Aug. 29, 2014) local filmmaker David Ackermann and Ollie Webb Center Artistic Director Jim Hoggatt led The Art of Imagination students through the process of creating an original short film as a part of our third annual Summer Film Project.  Components of the project included workshops in script-writing, story-boarding, acting for the camera, the proper use of a video camera, training in behind-the-scenes film activities (eg. props, sets, costumes, location scouting, etc.), and instruction in operation of film editing software.  The project has met twice a week throughout the summer.

The resulting film has been conceived and completed entirely by the students under the supervision of the filmmaker/instructors.  On September 25th at 7pm, the project will culminate with a special premiere showing of the completed film, Clown Ninjas of Clownsville, at St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church (1725 S. 60th St.) in Omaha.  Films from the previous two summers will be presented as well.

Funding for the project was made possible through a grant from the Nebraska Arts Council and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment.

Admission to the premiere is $5 per person at the door.  No advance reservations.

For more information contact Jim Hoggatt at 402-342-4418 x.30 or


Giant Head Project

Giant Head 1 Giant Head 2 Giant Head 3For the past couple weeks, under the tutelage of local artist and illustrator Tim Mayer, the DrawSpace class has been working on the Giant Head Project (above).  The group worked together to cover a heavy “punch balloon” with paper mache.  The balloon was later popped and each student was assigned a particular facial feature to create and add to the head.  Students then worked with chicken wire, paper, florist wire, etc. to shape his/her contribution to the creation.  How to attach the additions to the head was an important challenge for the students.  Failures, before successes, became powerful learning experiences for all involved.  Lots of hot glue was used.  Holes were cut for the mouth and eye.  Tim Mayer felt that the element of collaboration, making concessions and negotiations between the artists, was as important an accomplishment as was the finished project itself.

New Article by Alex

A Guitar Player Makes Magic!  By Alex Johnson


A guitar player named Steve is playing his guitar in Downtown Omaha. He’s making-up music as people walk by. Steve sees people walking-by, working on something, or just plain being themselves. As Steve makes up a song, he sings the words that pop in his head and lets them flow out of his lips like magic. The money he makes pays his rent at his apartment.